Video/ projection mapping, 1 min. 2011

Well was commissioned by Blinc Digital Arts Festival. The brief required a video work for projection onto the exterior wall of the World Heritage listed Conway Castle using projection mapping technology. The one technological requisite was to avoid using too much white, as light coloured videos function just like normal lights when projected onto walls.

With ropes and safety ropes a camera was lowered down to the bottom of the castle’s 91ft well. The camera was then slowly raised back up. The resulting film comprised one single shot of a blue aperture gradually getting larger and larger. When the camera reaches the top the bright daylight blows out the camera's auto-exposure function, the image dissolves into white, and with it the film disappears into the castle walls.

The work was conceived of as at once an illustration of Plato’s cave - emerging from the darkness into the reality of the material foundations of the film’s presentation - and an embodiment of Heidegger’s Being-Towards-Death - the work’s raison, it’s orientation, always and throughout in line with it’s own dissolution.